Trevor Lockwood

Felixstowe, United Kingdom

About Trevor


Been around: of recent years I've run an ecological trust, been a market gardener, a mechanical and electrical specialist quantity surveyor, a short-run publisher, and started a community radio station. I've sat on committees concerned with local charities and social enterprise.

Now retired so I can enjoy publishing books, ebooks and audiobooks, and running an Internet-based radio station for gardeners, and produce occasional podcasts to moan at the world - or at least tell everyone where they are going wrong.

Areas of Expertise

Radio broadcasting and production, Social enterprise, Community Interest Company Governance, Short-run publishing, ebook publishing, audio publishing, Suffolk, Web Site Administration, living

An idea worth spreading

Open source: works for computer software - so why not for other systems?
New forms of governance - and indeed of governing. Our democratic structure is palliative, but gives very few people any influence. It's a dictatorship.

I'm passionate about

The environment. People. Making a fuss about issues I consider important.

Talk to me about

Whatever you wish

People don't know I'm good at

Telling other people how to do it...

My TED story

Hasn't begun, because I've never been asked.

Comments & conversations

Trevor Lockwood
Posted 10 months ago
Isabel Allende: How to live passionately—no matter your age
I can agree. I'm the same age as Ms Allende, and it doesn't seem so important to be my age. There's another message that needs to be given to us all. Live your life to the full. I'd add to that. Money has become too important to us all. This world has enough for us all, but we've allowed it to be unfairly distributed. Love those around you. Let's create a new world order that ensures that everyone has enough to feed, house and clothe themselves and their family. We can do that. It is the most important objective for us all. Once we have that security the need for aggression is lessened. Small steps. How can people have more money than they can ever spend work past poor people scrambling to find a dollar a day? It is disgusting.
Trevor Lockwood
Posted over 2 years ago
When is it time to quit? And how does one know?
We, the world, the universe, all are constantly changing. There is never any stability. To quit? Whatever the situation is you must listen to yourself, to your inner mind. That may not be easy, because your ego will interfere, will want to insist you take one course of action. Push that aside - and meditation can help - and the real 'you' (whatever that is) will give you the answer you need. Just move on. Keep a smile on your face, and try to keep love in your heart. If that fails, throw a tantrum and storm away!