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Ian Sinclair
Posted over 2 years ago
Doing the math
It is too speculative to presume that the revenue growth of one charity is to the detriment of others. While cannibalism within the charitable sector occurs, it isn't the sole means of growth, nor are these mutually exclusive. If marketing efforts can persuade a person to redirect some funds toward a cause, rather than toward any other purpose - whether that be entertainment, savings, etc., but not from pre-existing charitable behaviour (such as payroll deductions) - than the growth isn't from out-competing fellow charities. This form of growth is certainly achievable. Whether the lion's share of growth originates from within the charitable sector or external to it, will likely vary on a case by case basis. Speculation and generalization isn't constructive. Ideally, surveys and studies would accompany such charitable endeavours to uncover whether a donor redirected funds from one charity to another or increased his/her overall contribution. Again, ideally, an emphasis would be placed on those marketing efforts that result in the latter.