About Jesse


I am a 28 year old male named Jesse Ian Adams who believes strongly with all my heart that the world needs to change in so many ways such as the ways charities are run and managed, the way we treat our environment, the way we treat others not as fortunate as most of us, the way we treat animals, etc. Their is good in all of us, lets show it with great pride and doing positive things to create real change in this beautiful planet we all share and live on. I run my own construction company, run my own non profit charity for kids and families with cancer, i am a director in a dog rescue society, and am a very outspoken humanitarian, and about the government. I believe in the basic ways of buddhist state of mind as for treating all people and animals with great respect and love. To help others for no real reason as for it feels good and makes the world a better place. I hope to make a real change one day on this planet of ours for all to see and hopefully follow so that many generations of all of us here have a place to continue to call home. Be outspoken and stand up for what you believe in ! Do what you feel is right and don't let anyone tell you different. Have a good heart and respect others. I love to play many sports and travel whenever I can, I really want to see the world as I believe what you see and experience makes us who we are and makes us do what we do on this earth for the greater good. Travelling opens up your mind to what the world is like and how beautiful and harsh it can be. It leaves us to see what we can do to help and make a difference. I am all for equality and for people to love who ever they want to love man or woman. we are all the same on the inside and have the right to do so.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Building & home renovation, Charity leadership, Charity management, Dog Rehabiliation and Conditioning, enviromental advocacy, Motivating and, hopefully, inspiring, Motivating and inspiring young adults

An idea worth spreading

The truth about what most charities really do with the money. The truth about what the government really does when it comes to the people, the environment, and what they tell us and what really goes on. NOT THE TRUTH! What the pollution is really doing to our planet. The way we treat animals and what need to be changed. The way we treat our own people, others, and the rest of the world. How to create clean safe energy with minimal damage to the environment. How to treat women properly with respect and love and or men if your gay. To spread the word that gay marriage is completely acceptable and ok ill all eyes. For all people to love each other no matter what. to spread the word about world hunger in a serious way to make real change. WORLD PEACE. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, DONT BE AFRAID OF THE UNKNOWN, BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE, NEVER GIVE UP, LOVE YOUR MAN OR WOMAN, RESPECT YOUR ELDERS, HELP OTHERS. LOVE YOURSELF SO YOU CAN LOVE OTHERS. LIVE FREE

I'm passionate about

Charity work, The Environment, Politics, speaking my mind, standing up for what i believe in no matter what others think. To treat everyone with respect and love. To change the world one day!

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People don't know I'm good at

Whistling. lol