Filipa Seixas

ocupational health and safety technician
Oporto, Portugal

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English, Portuguese

Areas of Expertise

Enviromental sciences, Ocupational health and safety, Electrotechnical engineering- Electrical Power Systems

I'm passionate about

Vermicomposting. Pruning trees.
Travelling, reading. Photography and crafts (fimo, origami, macrame, jewelry, etc.).

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Environmental issues, Occupational and safety health and Health in general, Energy, Arts, Crafts, The purpose of life.

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Filipa Seixas
Posted 12 months ago
Timothy Bartik: The economic case for preschool
I agree with timothy Bartik and believe everyone should have free access to the best education possible. But I don`t really believe that will be translated in future dolars. Here in Portugal you have more probability of getting hired if you do not have a university degree. Our government had invested in university courses only to ask them, by the first minister Passos Coelho to leave the country. This investment should be done in thinking you are creating more informed and educated people because not always is translated in money.