John William

Business Administrator, business & office solutions
Sãƒâ£O Paulo, Brazil

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English, Portuguese, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Administartion, Business Administration & Marketing, Business Coaching, Business Consultancy,, Administracion de Organizaciones, Administracion de proyectos

An idea worth spreading

Material recycling and awareness of the population through small attitude can change the world we live with something simple.

I'm passionate about

I am a people simple, who like of quest new.

Talk to me about

I your person who like enjoy the life and all that she have good.

People don't know I'm good at

Through one simple vision can all be done and improved.

My TED story

My story starts like this, always liked search challenges in my life and in order to help solucinar problems in society, with opportunities to develop ideas tool for small and company deferncial have a role in the market in order to get settle and build their future marketplace.
a  turning ideas into simple tool to help develop the potential of each company.