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J.T. Pierce
Posted over 1 year ago
Are we on the brink of creating a human-like digital mind?
'Brink' is a subjective term. Several comments have been posted referring to a 'rapture'. I believe the posters are referring to 'The Rapture of the Nerds'; sometimes called the technological singularity. Ray Kurzweil does a good job of this topic with a simple thought experiment. Imagine that it becomes possible to simulate a single neuron with absolute fidelity down to the molecular level. Keeping in mind the exponential increase in computational capability, now imagine we can simulate with absolute fidelity down the the molecular level 2 neurons and their interaction. Now 4 neurons, now 8, now 16... Eventually, we reach 100 billion neurons. If, as some believe, that consciousness is an emergent phenomenon, would not the behavior of the simulation be an exact duplicate of the brain being simulated? Would not the subjective 'experience' of the emergent consciousness be identical to the original? So the question becomes, does it matter what substrate consciousness runs on?