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Alan Schreiner
Posted over 2 years ago
US Foreign Aid
The goodwill we receive from aid has to be huge among the people that receive the aid. Vocal dissenters might still try to claim that a country's people don't want the aid and "hate" the U.S., but find me one person saved from starvation who will say that. We spent about a trillion dollars on the Iraq war, which could hardly be considered "foreign aid" considering the loss of life, despite the removal of their oppressive leadership. The foreign aid you are referring to has, aside from the amount given to Egypt recently, been a drop in the bucket of our budget, and generally a good thing. We spend much more on domestic aid to help our own poor in the form of unemployment, tax credits, welfare, etc., as we should. Not everyone gets help but a lot do. We DO "heal ourselves" as you say to a degree. Could we stop foreign aid? Maybe some other country would step in to stop people from dying of starvation. Or maybe those people we help would just die. You're playing god on any side of that decision. I do think that a better, more powerful, more functional, and more representative United Nations, would be able to guide such things. Might as well look for a Unicorn though.