Jessica Knight

Owner/Operator, Little Luxuries
Vancouver B.c., Canada

About Jessica


I have been a chef and pastry chef for the past 15 years in Vancouver BC as well as an avid member of the tourism community there. In the last few years I have become much more involved in the Culinary Tourism Industry, trying to bridge the gap between my knowledge and experience in both fields. I have always been a passionate traveller with a great interest in the environment and sustainability especially as it relates to food. Ive also been involved in organizing marketing and events relating to issues in nutrition and health.


English, French, Latin

Areas of Expertise

Cooking and Baking , Culinary Tourism, Marketing, Ecotourism and Destination Management, Event Management, Art and Design, Business Consultancy, Writing - "How To," Technical, & Creative, History - Ancient Civilisations, Sustainabiity - Food

I'm passionate about

Using my experiences in culinary, tourism and sustainability to assist small communities worldwide in gaining a foothold in the tourism industry.

Favorite talks