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Released 14 CDs - 2 in India on EMI
Author of 3 books on the south indian music system "Shortcut To Nirvana"
Student of Trilok Gurtu & Pete Lockett in KONNAKOL
Rhythmic Music Conservatory of Copenhagen 90-95

I have a acoustic guitar with 52 strings that I have designed
the instrument is created by the worldfamous canadian luthier Linda Manzer


Danish, English

Areas of Expertise


An idea worth spreading

"Music is a state of mind"
We all consume lots of music every day, Do we know what it is?
What is the nature of music? Why does a CD work?
Music is a vibration first of all.

And music is a superior social tool
It transform the way that we all feel
It even transform the way our brains work after practising it for a long time
Tuning your mind in to nonaudible sound. Perhaps just one single note or a beat

Rhythm is a universal langauge. Perhaps even the langauge of the universe :)
who knows,... but Its all about tuning in.

I have performed and composed for 35 years and I seek perfection in picth, rhythm & artistic expression. Therefore I feel I can say that very few musicians really master time
Play a blues in 19 beat - and you will know what I mean
I have developed some techniques from the south indian music system ( witch is all vocal)
to keep my mind fit and keep the ideas comming.

Everyday I say thank you for this magical gift. Music is a awesome

I'm passionate about

Art, science & communication
And I love people who are honest and true to their own nature

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People don't know I'm good at

Timing, Improvising, focusing, playing guitar, cartoonist

My TED story

My concept is that very few musicians take notice in rhythm
Any pulse lower than 16 beats pr second enter the land of no langauge, "def mans land!"

All western musicians have a study method for notes, scales and harmonies
We basically share the same concept and the same language of Do-Re-Mi...
That is not the case with rhythm
After a short introduction to the Konnakol system it should be clear to most musicians that it is important information and the most natural way ever to study and grasp the structure of rhythm.

Since its all related to vibrations, the Indian concept is to learn from a master and get his "vibe"
I was lucky with my first teachers, Trilok Gurtu(IN) and Pete Lockett(UK)

Comments & conversations

Henrik Andersen
Posted almost 2 years ago
Beardyman: The polyphonic me
Its great to see that Beardyman has imagination + skills to built his own machine I travel around the world and create music + beats with my voice + a box fulla sand http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJy13mVdvio&feature=share&list=UUuu93S-2HpH5bVHoExB4Lkg Its nice to know that someone has the same urge to play with soundz
Henrik Andersen
Posted over 2 years ago
What role does music play in our lives?
Music is a great thing because it brings minds together. Specially live music has that magic power But even a "photo" of music like a CD or a record can take us there as I see it we all know the way of music. We organize our lives to a clicktrack/ metronome with 60 BPM (the clock) And we all improvise our lives. All music is organized & and at some point improvised.... I´ve spend 35 years in the service of music and its a fantastic sprituel & social tool The fact that our bodys are full of rhythm is usefull and a subject for reflection Its all about music