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Joseph Rhodes
Posted over 2 years ago
The debate about Graham Hancock's talk
The scientist who first synthesized LSD in 1938 as well as the first person to take it in an act of self experimentation in 1943 was Albert Hoffmann who, at the time, was a highly respected chemist working for Sandoz Pharma. His description of his experience in the first chapter of his book "LSD: My Problem Child" included this: "This self experiment showed that LSD-25 behaved as a psychoactive substance with extraordinary properties and potency. There was to my knowledge no other known substance that evoked such profound psychic effects in such extremely low doses, that caused such dramatic changes in human consciousness and our experience of the inner and outer world." Like Hancock, his description of his trip was entirely subjective with no peer reviewed certitude. According to TED's implied rules, Albert Hoffmann would have been censored if he had given a talk for them based on his conclusions. Hoffmann goes on to say: "I was aware that LSD, a new active compound with such properties, would have to be of use in pharmacology, in neurology, and especially in psychiatry, and that it would attract the interest of concerned specialists. But at that time I had no inkling that the new substance would also come to be used beyond medical science." Claims such as these would have disqualified Hoffmann from a TED presentation. Hoffmann died at the age of 102 in 2008; he had taken his last dose of LSD five years earlier. His book can be found here; I'm afraid that the anonymous censors have done a great diservice to TED and consequently the community at large regarding this issue. And it would appear that they've learned nothing from the experience given their lack of input or explanation here.