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Dan Woiceshyn
Posted over 2 years ago
Does the scientific establishment unwittingly suffer from paradigm bias? Does it assume incorrect axioms of existence?
We only know what we think we know now. All else will be disclosed in the future in a timely seemingly natural manner. Based on our brain capacity and comfort needs, popular science, philosophy, innovations etc., most reject new inputs due to faith in old measurement tools, myths and beliefs. New ideas produce scorn, challenge, resistance, provoke new measurement tools, new myths, beliefs and new innovators, followed once again by scorn, new measurement tools, and new innovation. It's not a big problem, it's the natural life and ability of the current, recent human brain dealing with new provocation....We will generate, degenerate or be hit by a meteor and likely once again be labeled as fossils. Let's make quality 'hay', harvest the good ideas, reject the bad, and deflect a meteor or two as there is 99% more to discover based on the statistical analysis of the last two hundred years of research, let alone the last twenty.