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Andreas Kreuzeder
Posted over 5 years ago
Hans Rosling: Asia's rise -- how and when
Of course development is not only about economy - but economic growth is an important factor. Looking at the history of industrialized countries may offer parallels in the development of wealth, civil rights, equality etc. In that concern, I understand this talk more as an eye-opener than a scientificly sound analysis. However, I do believe that there are better tools to handle the problems you mentioned than 100 years ago. Just think about the Human Development Index, the Gini-Coefficient etc. They take into account that human development is not only about economic growth. We can just hope, that these tools are used!
Andreas Kreuzeder
Posted over 6 years ago
Barry Schwartz: Our loss of wisdom
A great talk! The only problem I see is, that ehics, values and spirit as Barry Schwartz presents them is the only logic alternative. Saying Yes to that is simple. But isn't the real challenge acting in an ethical way every single day. Even if you have already forgotten that great talk and even if you don't reflect on the ethical component of your every-day decision.