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Colexium Psychedelum
Posted over 2 years ago
The debate about Graham Hancock's talk
No they didnt....The people at TED are trying to hold on to the old way of thinking, the old paradigm that dosent work anymore....You are afraid of the unknown, just like some of these TED organizers. Grahams talk, got "to real" for the conservative folks there..... You and the rest of them, are nothing more than stubborn scientist, with holding information from people....Its sad that you think that way. Its interesting to note, that out of all the TED talks I seen, this one was the only one to touch apon psychedelics and there uses in history... And they ruined there slogan, of "ideas worth spreading" because TED is now behaving like some sort of thought police........ You sir should research, Terence Mckenna, Graham Hancock, shamanism, the sacred mushroom and the cross- John marco Alegro, etc.... Then come tell me these amazing people are quacks. .......fool