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Ivan Majstorovic
Posted about 6 years ago
Diane Benscoter: How cults rewire the brain
The main issue here is not the idea of a cult or any other kind of institution. The problem is in religion. What's the difference between this cult and any other mainstream religion? We have all become desensitized regarding religion so that we don't compare mainstream religions, cults and religious extremists groups. But the basic idea is the same. When every member of a group believes that there is a higher power which will punish them or others for wrongdoings or award them in another life for "good" deeds as they see them then every decision and action can be rationalized as for the greater good or as a unavoidable sacrifice. We must raise our children in a world where their young minds cannot be influenced by irrational explanations or beliefs and educate them to take responsibility for the world around them and not hope for some higher being or a savior who will miraculously make everything right. Look where that kind of thinking has taken us.