rahul vyas

Properitor, pathology laboratory
Jamnagar & The Whole Universe, India

About rahul


English, Hindi

Areas of Expertise

hematology and biochemistry

An idea worth spreading

we all are live in one country that is our earth , we all are the children of this universe and we all are one , there is no boundary you can see between different different nations from the milky way , you can see it as one .....

I'm passionate about

science particularly in space and time or you can say cosmology, spirituality , music, poetry , in hematology and in genetics ...

Talk to me about

anything which is related to love , to spirituality , to science , or to progress or to evolution

My TED story

one of my facebook friend who is physicist ,who gave a comment upon my a note about parallel universe , and after that we had some conversation and he suggested me this TED TALKS