Shahid Hussain Shamim

Material Developer, Prabartana
Dhaka, Bangladesh

About Shahid Hussain


Shahid Hussain Shamim spent his childhood in Rajshahi and Chittagong, growing up with the smell of silkworm cocoons, the taste of mulberry fruits, and the tang of coastal salt in the air. He learned the art of handloom as his father was the director of the then East Pakistan Small Industries Corporation (EPSIC). He did his graduate work on Cost Management and Accounting, which enabled him to work collaboratively with producers for the promotion of handloom products, and for the betterment of the local weavers.

In 1989, the fair trade handicrafts store Prabartana was launched, an internationally established brand today. Over the last twenty plus years, Shamim, as Director, has engaged in extensive research on handloom products and woven fabrics, adding to the body of knowledge about the relationship between the rhythm of the shuttle (Maku) and the thickness and texture of fabric. He is also ever inspired by the stories of the weavers themselves, and the way they lead their often secret and illicit lives.

Different regions of Bangladesh have their own unique patterns of woven products, culture, food, and music. Shamim travels and provides tours across the country in order to share his experiences and the rich diversity of Bangladeshi culture. Shamim was also the Ex-President of the National Crafts Council Bangladesh (NCCB), which is a national entity of the World Crafts Council International (WCCI). He is immensely pleased and grateful to be able to work with and promote different indigenous craft clusters.

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