Pedro Priori

Account Executive,
São Paulo, Brazil

About Pedro

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Areas of Expertise

Food and Beverage, International realations, Enviromental issues, Sales Leadership, Social netwoking

An idea worth spreading

The idea that everybody is, somehow, connect to each other! Appart from skin color, believes, and or religion. Spreading TED talks and all the info here existed is an extremely succesfull way to start sharing this with people all over the world.

I'm passionate about

going all around discovering what's new! I'm crazy about exotic travels, food and different cultures.

Talk to me about

trips, food, photos, extreme sports, martial arts, interesting books

People don't know I'm good at

mixology! i have worked as a bartender on cruise ships all over Europe and South America (for over two years).

My TED story

I attented the first TEDx Sao Paulo! It was probably the most different and one of the best experiences of my life (in terms of knowledge). I had the chance to watch as a listener and achieved one of my goals of my "bucket list", because I have always been a TED addicted!