Mohammedridha Alaskari

Security Advisor, Nabors Industries
Mesopotamia, Iraq

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Security & Policy Advisor | Intelligence Analyst | Investigator | Places Editor | Tennis lover and hard worker Man. I Read, Write, Learn, Analyse and Publish.


Arabic, English, Russian

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Intelligence analysis, Editor , Risk Assessment and Risk Management, adminstration, Security advisor, investigator/explorer of information/solutions/new ideas

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Peace all over the world, Loving each other

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Helping the others,developing ideas, positive thinking



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Security, Management, Self-depend & peace

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Helping the others to achieve their dreams as much as I can..

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Mohammedridha Alaskari
Posted about 2 years ago
What can we do to change education?
Dear Juan, Many thanks for your interest. Yes Islam is the faith for most of our nations, but we are the most uneducated nation due to the circumstances of the wars, dictators etc.. produced "The Political Islam" it is very far away of real Islam, its create new Islamic thinkers focusing to serve the political government & the dictators, However this situation produced new era of anti-political Islam and that's led to cold civil war between each other costing us the most important think which is as I believe (Education). Day by day our nation became so radical believers. Education became so difficult, the top universities only for whom supporting the government. most of us were couldn't complete the education due to the circumstances I mentioned above, but now we are looking forward to get better opportunity in education.
Mohammedridha Alaskari
Posted about 2 years ago
What can we do to change education?
This is very important and critical question in regard of the worldwide education, I'm not fully ware of the education around the world, as I know, it is way better than here in the middle east especially Iraq. One of my greatest dreams is to change the education method in Iraq. it is so old systems, I guess we need too many experts around the world to assess the education in Iraq then they suggest better solutions to develop it.
Mohammedridha Alaskari
Posted over 2 years ago
Why does the security situation in Iraq remain as it is?
Arkady, The reason of posting this question in English is to get advice by westerns because most of their countries used to have kind of same issue in my country long time back, and now most of the western countries they live in peace & sustainability. I believe Arab failed to make arab world much better, you can see what we earned from ARAB SPRING !! More bloody Arab nation.. So sorry to say so, but it is the truth my friend..