Jenni Gunn

Masters in Historical Research - Revolution and Counterrevolutio
Stirling, United Kingdom

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I am a postgraduate student at the University of Stirling in Bonnie Scotland, hoping to study abroad in the near future. My particular area of interest is in the history of Revolution and Counterrevolution, in particular the study of dissent in opposition in Eastern and Central Europe, focusing primarily on the former German Democratic Republic. My current thesis focuses on ideology (or lack thereof) of the dissident and opposition forces within the East German state, and the study of 'every day history' relating to the collapse of the SED dictatorship. In addition I am interested in the study of dissent and opposition, revolutionary theory, civil societies and human rights in a global and contemporary context, as well as in an historical and European one. I love life, tend to be a bleeding heart democratic socialist, and am hopeless at anything related to numbers.



Areas of Expertise

politics, Philosophy - Political philosophy, History - Europe

An idea worth spreading

That every heart is a revolutionary cell. That all humans have the capacity for compassion and self-sacrifice and that one person has the ability to change a great many things.

I'm passionate about

History, education, human rights and in particular a global abolition of the death penalty.

Talk to me about

Anything relating to dissent, opposition, human rights, history, politics, civil society, dictatorship, religion, the death penalty, social and political history.

People don't know I'm good at

Art, something I loved at school but fell out of as I got older.

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Jenni Gunn
Posted over 1 year ago
AJ Jacobs: My year of living biblically
I agree with Neil Erskine above. Isn't the idea that he attempts to practice biblical teachings devoid of interpretation and understanding to see if biblical literalism is possible? And it's obvious that the conclusion he comes to is we cannot take everything in the bible literally and therefore a look at interpretation and context is important. It is silly, but it was entertaining, and is also thought provoking, especially when we remember how many people around the world take the bible as the verbatim record of God's law on Earth.