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stephanie east
Posted over 2 years ago
How can we help to prevent bullying?
first we need our teachers to not be bullys!! my son used to attend parkway high in bossier la and one of his male teachers decided to mock my sons stutter in front of whole class. had a student done this he would have been reprimanded and i talk to assist principal then counselor then principal then school board with several calls to each and they told me they would have teacher apologize in counselors office in private well the next day my son comes home and is upset and when i finally coax it out of him he said teacher apologized in front of whole class which in turn brought attention to sons stutter again in front of peers. i cant understand how any teacher could not understand what this does to a teen in highschool. especially when parkway had just in the last two yrs had a wonderful young girl commit suicide due to bullying at school