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A highly motivated Individual with a history of working in diverse cultures - social & corporate. I first worked at Park Inn Heathrow - London for a year (2007-2008), as a Front Desk Executive, and promoted as a Supervisor within 6 months. I graduated from IIMT-Oxford Brookes University with BSc Hon. in Hotel & Restaurant Management in 2010, and started working with Novotel-HICC, Hyderabad as a Management Trainee. After a certain period, I decided to move on to Sales and Joined Marriott International in Delhi/NCR for the next one year (2011-12) and moved on to Kempinski - Delhi as a part of the sales - Pre Opening team, managing the entire Gurgaon Area as Area Sales Manager. At the moment, I am freelancing with Backflip Entertainment.

An idea worth spreading

When related to Laws of Physics, the Law of Attraction can really do wonders for one. Ever since childhood, people stop believing in themselves because they were called names, bullied, got picked-up on by parents/teachers/siblings/friends. My idea is to help people change themselves with law of attraction, because this is what I went through.
I asked for a change, I received happiness using law of attraction. Since 2010, I have now been doing what I manifested according to my happiness. Might be a co-incidence, but it is one of the reasons I broke away from all the sadness around with me with my own will.

Law of Attraction helps build character, break the preconceived notions about reality, most importantly it teaches how to respect fellow human souls and their wisdom.

I'm passionate about

Life, Law Of Attraction, Music, Events, Connecting with People, Conspiracy Theories, Learning and not learning from Religions, Respecting Everyone, Spirituality, Sex, Self Motivation.

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Music, Motivation, Law of Attraction, Events, Religion, Spirituality, Motivation, Sex, Attitude Issues

People don't know I'm good at

Giving practical advice on Law of Attraction, understanding problems and helping them over come them by self-motivation.

My TED story

I've been an average guy all my life, who never had a group of friends, not listening to people who used to tell me what I can't be, ignoring people who christened me with names they liked.
But as I grew up, I learned I did not have a group of friends because I decided to connect with the world instead, there can never be a bigger friends' circle. I went deaf to the definitions people had for me.

I've been a Hypnotist since the age of 9, practicing Reiki since the age of 5, and discovered 'The Secret' at the age of 17 ( year 2006). Which led me to understand 'the law of attraction' (LOA) and I started practicing, rather experimenting with LOA, and even started discussing its existence with fellow classmates in college. Soon enough, my world started shaping itself the way I wanted it to.
Yes, I did loose track of this, and it did not work out for me initially, But I learned from my failures and understanding of religions & Quantum Physics. Now I take charge of my reality everyday.