Michelle LeBow

Speech writer, Improving Lives through Personal Stories
Saint Paul, MN, United States

About Michelle


Michelle LeBow is the author and founder of Memoir of Me -- award winning personalized digital publishing company. She wrote, designed, produced, published, and launched Memoir of Me personalized stories to market. Visit the Memoir of Me website to learn more or to make your own personalized childrens book. Prior to Memoir of Me, Michelle was a senior consultant for the City of St. Paul, working in leadership curriculum and training, organization assessment, and performance measurement.

Recently, her personalized digital publishing business has taken a little twist, still in storytelling and helping people tell their own personal stories, but with a business focus. Now, she helps business leaders tell their own personal stories to improve conversations and presentations.

Workshops for Teams: Storytelling Skills for Leaders and Teams
Story Portfolios: Write and Implement Business Story Portfolios
Speech Writing: Write Speeches & Coach Presentation Skills.
Advice Column: Improving Lives Sharing Personal Love Stories.

Michelle created her business love story formula -- Romeo and Juliet Story Vine -- which launched her into consulting at 3M and other Fortune 500 companies and coaching leaders to tell their own authentic personal stories. In addition, she is starting a love story Table Talk -- an Advice Column to improve lives by sharing personal love stories. Fresh Voice. Passionate Stories. Story Love.

An idea worth spreading

The Business Case for Telling Personal Stories. www.michellelebow.net

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How you tell personal, vulnerable stories to create intimacy in the business place.