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Sydney, Australia

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I am passionate about helping organisations function efficiently and be effective, with efficient processes and optimum use of technology.

My client engagements are collaborative and I focus on taking my clients “on a journey towards agreed outcomes (and timeframes), working with and leading internal and external teams.

When engaging with my clients I draw on my corporate, government and Not for Profit experience at board and executive management level in the areas of: finance, governance, business leadership, sales management and IT service delivery.

My specialty areas, include:

1) CHAIR, FINANCE & AUDIT COMMITTEE: governance | risk management | compliance | finance and statutory reporting

2) CFO: streamlining back office operations| finance transformation | delivering cost efficiencies | operationalising strategy | grants & tenders

3) IT CONSULTING: ERP | CRM | Workforce Solutions Community Care | HRIS | Payroll

4) CHANGE LEADER/DRIVER: results driven | re aligning deliverables | conflict resolution

5) PROGRAM & PROJECT MANAGEMENT: turning around derailed projects | health checks | executive & board support | project delivery

6) STRATEGIC ALLIANCE BUILDING: "C" level engagement | contract negotiation | pipeline building

7) MARKETING STRATEGY: lead generation campaigns | website development | social media marketing | online marketing - SEO, SEM, PPC

My clients are typically from:

- EDUCATION: universities, tertiary institutes, membership organisations

- HEALTH & COMMUNITY CARE: mental health, aged care, hospitals, disability services, counseling, & housing

- GOVERNMENT: state, local, peak bodies

During my leisure time I continue to work on projects, which further my personal mission

“I am not a doctor or a therapist or counsellor … I could however help organisations delivering care services, function Efficiently and Effectively with the skill-sets I am equipped with.."

Areas of Expertise


I'm passionate about

Improving the quality of Leadership in Not for Profit organisations

Talk to me about

1) NFP Leadership 2) Implementing technology/business solutions - ERP (finance), CRM (memberhsip/fund raising), Payroll/Workforce management

People don't know I'm good at

Love to play golf and organise golfing events

Comments & conversations

satha arumanayagam
Posted about 1 year ago
Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong
Great effort Dan to change/challenge entrenched views. Not for Profits needs entrepreneurial/visionary leaders (including Board members), who are capable of taking the risks and be accountable for the outcomes. There is nothing wrong in compensating people appropriately for their efforts and thinking - after all these are human issues/needs. To my thinking if we could compensate medical professionals based on market terms then why not NFP professionals.