Midey Mohammad

Cairo - Egypt, Egypt

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this is Midey Mohammad Helmy, 25 years old, dentist, mobile:01002125917, took some leadership & skills programs courses, modeling diploma, love sports & music, reading & i write small articles & thoughts. worked as an external affairs manager, volunteered as an English teacher. trained in some private clinics & public hospitals


Arabic, French

Areas of Expertise

nutrition, dentistry, Fitness , Modeling

An idea worth spreading

to make a long story short, simply i luv to help people replace their bad habits by good ones with baby steps without turning their lives upside down. i luv to raise awareness about health. i also like to draw attention to takin care of old ppl. i like to attach the health tips with music of different genera & cultures , that helps delivering the point & also opens the mind to learn from different cultures. as for fashion i believe that beauty comes from the inside & simplicity is the mother of beauty. so, every one can b beautiful in his own way & beauty comes in all sizes as long as u r leading a healthy life style :)

I'm passionate about

diet, exercise, fitness , nutrition- fashion , music

Talk to me about

any way i can help people know better about their health & how you can change your life with baby steps.

People don't know I'm good at

convincing people to acquire better habits, changing the psychology of a person by teaching him /her how to look & feel better inside & out

My TED story

i heard about the organization from some friends & i like the idea, & i love to be a part of helping people.