Lex Paulson

Vice President for Strategy - U.S., Sciences Po, Paris
Washington, DC, United States

About Lex


Lex Paulson has blended a career in international politics with a deep affinity for academia. Serving as National Vice President of the College Democrats of America while at Yale, his work in the political arena includes four presidential campaigns, service as legislative counsel in the U.S. Congress, and democracy-building work in Egypt, India, and sub-saharan Africa. In addition, he studied contemporary political theory at the University of Edinburgh, Roman history at Pembroke College, Cambridge, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in classical political philosophy at the Sorbonne. He is a part-time professor of English and politics at Sciences Po, and writes the "Applied Classics" series for The Huffington Post.


Czech, French, Greek, Latin


Yale, Cambridge, Sorbonne