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Mum of two gorgeous boys and Nonnie to four grandchildren, I am currently travelling the world with my man Jason and our youngest son Jesse (15). I am an avid internet marketer, learner of all that I can and supporter of anything that contributes to the well being and advancement of people, animals and the environment. I believe in truth, responsibility and generosity, education, leading by example and great food! Our journey around the world is part of a self finding journey and we hope to discover more ways that we can contribute to making this world a more wonderful place to live as we go.



Areas of Expertise

Internet Marketing, Financial Education, Leadership

An idea worth spreading

Teaching the children of today and all future generations the value of self responsibility and belief in themselves and their ability to create their own lives as they please without the chains of past beliefs holding them back.

I'm passionate about

The education of our children, financial education, self development, eradicating poverty, creating a greed free government structure for every country in the world, free speech, time & money freedom

Talk to me about

Great food, internet marketing, movies, travel, entrepreneurialism, space travel

People don't know I'm good at

Back and feet rubs

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Leanne Opthoog
Posted over 2 years ago
Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong
Thank you Dan for your insight and thoughts on the way we think about Charity, I completely agree with you. Once again, the 'rules' that govern our society and the way we do things (and think) are proven inadequate and completely out dated. It is time for a shift but your journey is a tough one for greed and manipulation has long ruled and the fight to dethrone them will be bloody but I believe the support you will recieve in trying will prove that there are more than just a few of us out there that have the betterment of the people fully in our hearts and not betterment of our wallets. I salute you!