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Posted over 2 years ago
How many languages is it possible to know?
Hi Edwin, I was browsing through the website (that I have just discovered) and when I saw your question, I couldn't help myself to register and answer you. I do think there is a limited capability to learn and retain, but it is possible to extend this capability (by doing memory exercises for instance). But anyway I could get off-topic here and I don't think I'd want that as my first comment on this website. I have the chance to have parents from different origins: my mother is from the US and my father is from India. Also, I was born in France. I have to admit that even if english should be my first language it is not. I spoke only french until I was 10 years old and fed up with the fact that I couldn't communicate properly with my family in India and in the States. So I got lucky and got into an international school in my hometown where I started to work on my english and spanish as a second language. I'm now 20 years old, I can speak french and english fluently and I can speak spanish and chinese (that I started as a third language in High school). Even though it might sound good I still want to learn more. I have this friend I've known since junior high and he now speaks fluently: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and as a good knowledge of Chinese, Russian, Arabic and maybe some others... At only 20 years old ! I still hardly believe it sometimes and your story amazed me. I just want to conclude on the fact that languages are important to learn because they give us the power to communicate with each other and to know about different cultures.