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Sofia Carrillo
Posted over 1 year ago
What is your definition of good education?
Right now I am 16 years old. I have been in a very strict school for almost all my lifetime. In it, I received a "good" education meaning learning to be VERY responsible; however, I suffered and felt stressed very easily… Nevertheless, this year, I went to another school. Some teachers were the "normal " ones, but I'm having this one teacher that is so geared up when giving his class… he's really, REALLY funny (but ONLY at the needed moments), he uses PowerPoint presentations for showing either notes we have to copy or images he explains very motivated, he sometimes brings items to enhance the given class, we students have our partners to whom we discuss some answers, and then share them to the class, and we also have this "Unit Question" where we relate what we're learning to our present society/world/ourselves… Although he teaches my least favorite subject, that's my favorite class. Because of him, I'm so interested in learning that I'm even writing here, on TED! So, good education? Having a teacher who ENJOYS being one. I hope this information is useful.