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Bennington, VT, United States

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I am currently a senior at Bennington College studying filmmaking and philosophy.



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Filmmaking and editing, Philosophy - Ethics, Philosophy - Metaphysics


Bennington College, BA

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Amanda Plunkett
Posted about 1 year ago
Are science & spirituality one and the same?
I don't think science and spirituality are the same. Science may be able to inform spirituality to some extent but does not in anyway constitute it. Spirituality is a notoriously hard thing to define, and as such people confuse it with all sorts of things. I think the biggest fallacy I'm seeing in this conversation is the equation of spirituality to religion. I believe someone pointed this out, but I cannot remember who it was at the moment. Religion, like science, can inform spirituality but is not itself spirituality (I do not wish to equate science and religion here, they just have the ability to serve this similar function). Spirituality is a necessarily individual thing and even if someone is accessing their "spiritual-self" through coming to an understanding of certain sciences or religious doctrines they are still going to experience what spirituality fundamentally is for them, which is going to be different than it is for anyone else. I think this is the best explanation I can offer without defining spirituality. I choose not to define it because I think language is a medium not well-suited to things of a spiritual nature. And I feel that defining it within language cannot fully do it justice.