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Mas Kangkong
Posted over 2 years ago
Can God be defined?
Question of the existence of God, will only lead to what 'inside' you tells you. Yup.. that 'inside' thing might be as good as a thought, or an idea, or a concept, or emotions.. etc. Other than that, God is undefinable. Period. Physically, if God can be defined, then that being is not a God. God is supposed to be above all that. Physical things (atoms, higgs bossom etc..) is creations, not the Creator. In the end, we're only left to deal with 2 things (regarding to God) : 1) Don't care, just live the life 2) Find proofs if God does exist. Where to find proofs? A man in the dessert, 14 centuries ago, claimed that he is the final messenger of God. The greatest proof he could offer is the 'words of God' itself, the audio-wave of Quran (Koran) in arabic, delivered orally and passed through generations of memorizer untill now. I like you guys to have a read at these 2 books, theyre in english. Uploaded them at mediafire and I'm not making money out of this upload/download okay. It's simply sharing. :) or you can simply search - 1) The Amazing Quran by Gary Miller 2) Quran : The Linguistic Miracle All i can say is, the proof of God existence is the existence of this Koran. But don't take my word for it. Good read.