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Terry Finerty
Posted 9 months ago
Are there any human behaviours that can't be logically derived from selfish gene promotion?
Theo, My understanding of this differs. Whatever traits exist as a result of evolution are there because at one time they resulted in a mathematically greater percentage of offspring to survive, procreate and pass on the trait. Hence the fight flight response was at one time a trait that helped survival. Unless it subsequently prevents offspring being born and surviving to procreate, it will continue. If subsequent conditions favoured greater cognitive intelligence for procreation and survival, notwithstanding the adrenaline / stress response, then natural selection would begin to favour such a development. There is no evolutionary mechanism that makes the whole system fit for purpose at any future environment. For evolution of calm response while under duress to evolve we would need both a mutation or development of some people without the stress response, and at the same time a significant procreation advantage to them and disadvantage to those with the stress response. If in fact those with the stress response are somewhat disadvantaged in terms of, say, good decision making under stress, but there is no reduction in procreation and survival rates, the stress response will still exist. For one set of traits to emerge that fuels species success (at least in numerical terms) there is no requirement for others to align to support it - there is only the requirement that that trait gives a numerical procreation and survival advantage.