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Montreal, Canada

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fashion -leather, Child Abuse Prevention

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I'll be happy to sharer your wisdom without having an estimate before you deliver. This way you will become priceless to me.
My Money is not the issue, but your greed is.

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Teaching about life...(mine) hope you can relate....Than I know I helped someone.

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Reality, truth, and ACCEPTANCE!~

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Reinventing myself.

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My story is on Youtube..from soup to nuts and everything in between.

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Lucia Lehrer
Posted about 2 years ago
If you could give your twenty-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be? Why?
My 32 year old has a successful carrier and a few diplomas that have no connections with what he is doing today..He loves to study and he loves to travel..Advice are a dime a dozen and it will not pay your bills...The best way to encourage a 20 something is to support and encourage them without giving them the negative or the big picture....Life has a funny way of turning on us, and no plans can predict the future...I always stood by his decisions for they were not mine to make. The best way for us, is to be good examples and show them how we manage life without being a burden on them:)... You only get one chance to be yourself..You can choose it at 20 or 60, it all depends on what your priorities are..(Marriage children carrier or just finding yourself)..No one should have the right to lead your path. And only you! need to live with your consequences. I'm close to 59 and no one showed me the way, I have to find it myself...I blame no one and I live as I see fit without hurting or humiliating any one. It only took me 50 years to realize it.....This advice I give to any one that cares to listen, from 20 -100. Be happy with yourself and a great sense of humor is what keeps my motor running;)