Andrew Magdy Kamal

Founder & CEO, AndSocialREW
Macomb, MI, United States

About Andrew


I am Andrew Magdy Kamal, a physicist, an inventor, and and idealist. I hope to host professional physics based tedx conversations, and events as well as speak in them as an opportunity to talk about some of my theories, hypothesises and ideas in physics.

Areas of Expertise

Physics - Cosmology, Physics - Atomic and Molecular, Biomedical research, Quantum Chemistry, Quantum Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Freelance webdesigner, Freelance Creative, Founder

I'm passionate about

Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics


MIT, Caltech

My TED story

I work with my friends in lots of physics research, one day I hope to speak at a variety of TEDx events.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Andrew Magdy Kamal
Posted almost 2 years ago
Why is art (or artistically creative fields) often not taken seriously?
I consider art valuable, but if you read my comment you would notice that I claimed that art isn't as effective as physics or the field of science and technological advancement in terms of views of industrialism and revolutionism, since art didn't lead to as many discoveries in benefiting humanity others don't consider it as valuable as the others. You must understand one thing if a physicist though art was more revolutionary ge wouldn't be a physicist.