Jeff Dial

Adjusting, New Retiree
Kenosha, WI, United States

About Jeff


I was a long time City Employee.I am a parent and grandparent.I am twice divorced and yet not against the institution of marriage.I am a foodie,love to travel,and read like it is an addiction ( at times,it IS ) .I am reshaping how I spend my time as I transition into retirement.I want to continue to learn,live,and share all that I learn to help others live a better life.I have strong opinions,yet,welcome opposing viewpoints as they help to shape my worldview.



An idea worth spreading

Susan Cain's thoughts about the importance of quiet !!

I'm passionate about

My passions would include encouraging people to READ and learn.Not just the things they HAVE to read or remember short term,but, for pleasure,personal growth,and just BECAUSE .

Talk to me about

Anything relevant

People don't know I'm good at

Listening ( because it is a newer skill I have yet to perfect).

Favorite talks