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Cees de Valk
Posted over 2 years ago
Campaign to get the UN to offer training to livestock owners and landowners in Allan Savory's Holistic Management techniques.
Please correct me if I am wrong dr. Fuhlendorf, since I am not working in your field, just curious. Quoting from Rangeland Ecol Manage 61:3–17 | January 2008 co-authored by you: When stocking rate was less for continuous than rotational grazing, 75% (3 of 4) of the experiments reported greater animal production per area for rotational grazing (Fig. 1B). This coincides exactly with what Allan Savory is claiming, is it not? So where is the disconnect, I am wondering? In particular since there was no difference in plant production as your Figure 1 shows (which is somewhat misleadingly described as: " When stocking rate was less for continuous than rotational grazing, 75% of the experiments (3 of 4) reported either no differences or greater plant production for continuous grazing"). According to your own hypothesis, one would have expected crop degradation due to higher stocking rate. But it did not happen. I was also wondering, how long did these experiments last? That tends to be all-important in ecology, e.g. effects of ocean pH change on corals. Might it be the case that practical management experience covers longer periods of time than the experiments cited? And what about the initial conditions for the experiments?