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Chris Parish
Posted over 2 years ago
Rupert Sheldrake's TEDx talk: Detailing the issues
It would be a very sad state of affairs, if people in the TED community are not going to be allowed to decide for themselves as to the veracity of Sheldrake’s novel, rational and well argued explanations for many of the current anomalies in science. Surely such investigation is a mark of a true scientist? Few scientists have his background in the history of science and philosophy to be able to understand the assumptions commonly being made in how scientists approach their own field. Sheldrake’s work is backed up by a great body of experimental data and his experiments very carefully drawn up, since when a scientist presents unorthodox findings, they will be scrutinised much more finely. ( though many skeptics - read cynics in many cases - don’t seem to feel the need to look at Sheldrake’s data before dismissing him outright). As for the ‘factual error’, this is plain pettiness since Sheldrake’s general thrust about the lack of government funding for complementary medicine is true. The figures presented in the objection are just peanuts. I can only assume that the suggestion to remove this talk must be motivated ideologically to even propose this kind of censorship.