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David Hazi
Posted over 2 years ago
Is capitalism sustainable?
Ugh. Why is it so hard for you people to understand that wealth is not a zero-sum game? Capitalism is the only system that allows people to improve their socio-economic standing. Economic freedom is not about allowing the super wealthy to run the show and make the rules. Economic freedom is about allowing the little guy the CHANCE to be part of the game and become successful and wealthy. Each person takes a different path in life. Some decide to spend every cent as soon as they get it, some save as much as they can. Some people just want to come home and watch TV and others spend time working harder and educating more. Each decision has an opportunity cost and those who sacrifice certain things and obtain better results because of it should not be punished because other people choose to live differently. Poverty in Africa has nothing to do with Capitalism, it has everything to do with STATISM. People like Mugabe STEAL from the people, they are not Capitalists, they are thieves!