Alexis Wiazmitinoff

Analyst in Strategy & Operations, Deloitte Luxembourg
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

About Alexis


Having started my academic learning at the European School of Luxembourg, I have been exposed from a very young age in mind European cultures as well as European languages. Subsequently, I chose to study international management in two of the greatest founding countries of the European Union: France and Germany, I speak their national language fluently with one year of professional experience in each country.
After one year of experience as a recruiter IT in three languages in the city of London, I was able to form functional aspects of the implementation, use and customization of ERP (enterprise resource planning) in different sectors from German-speaking countries, mainly in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. I was also able better appreciate the functional aspects of the establishment and management of network infrastructures and system, but also negotiate contracts hiring, discuss margins and fix prices. Thanks to this experience, and the addition of many of my previous internships, I have also learned, despite time constraints, budget and technology to enhance the human, believe in their ability to adapt and self motivation in situations difficult if it work because if well founded and the means for achieving its objectives are given him.
Finally, my MSc in IT, management and organizational change in UK enabled me to reflect on topics like the social aspects of the digital age (referring to "business process reengineering"), the leading organizational change, project management, management of IT and knowledge management, among others.


English, French, German

Areas of Expertise

Private Banking, Research - Collaborative Technologies, IT - Business Management, Organization Change, Process Analysis and Optimization, Strategy / Planning/ Organizing/