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Pankaj Dugar
Posted over 1 year ago
How do you build offline meaningful social connections?
While improvement in technology has made it incredibly easy for us to "connect" with people, I think it's subconsciously suppressing our inherent need to build a network of people around us who are like-minded and share our interests. To answer your second question, the inertia of making new friends is huge so, even if people are lonely, they prefer a "social" life vicariously (through FB, online chat groups, etc.). If they can get over that little hump and go out once to do some activity with the locals (not drinking or dining necessarily) they'd start to realize how much better it is to make real life friendships. I think the answer to your first question, about Chemistry, is a bit more difficult. We often confuse chemistry with what we want to think. So, if I attend a bbq with the neighbors who are supposedly "cool", I might think I like bbq'ing and want to do it again when in fact I'd rather do something else (we do this because we so desperately want to "belong"). FB, Online chat groups give us that illusion and we can't seem to break ourselves free.