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Crestone, CO, United States

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Age-68 - Have been a research chemist ( while living in N.J.), worked in several areas of the tourist industry ( while living in The USVI), trained in woodworking (also in the islands), practiced woodworking back in NJ, affiliated with the Unitarian Church, have lived in colorado since 2002. Have beed married twice, have 2 terrific adult children.

Areas of Expertise

Woodworking, gemstones

An idea worth spreading

Anything to do with the Universe, or should I say, multiverse.

I'm passionate about

Woodworking, my family, philosophy/cosmology


Monmouth College

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Most anything. I'll let you know if it doesn;t fit.

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Robert Adler
Posted over 3 years ago
The Man who tasted shapes! Have you ever experienced synesthesias?
I suspect that more than 1 in 40 have experienced this phenomenon, mostly because it's associated with a ppowerful memory of some event. Remembering the event pulls with it other sensory input occurring in the background of the event. If there is a really "good" association to this background, it can actually force a switch places with the actual event and become the memory. For example, an event outside a restaurant has an associated smell. At a lated time, having the experienxce of that smell will cause the event memory to become the smell. To my mind, synesthesia questions what we call reality. That's just my opinion - I could be wrong.