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I very love watched movies, but if the movie didnt have good story, i prefer to sleep in cinema.
in one month, minimum movies that i have watched around 21 box office movies.

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all about good movies, i very love uniq movies that make me thinking when watch it

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sumber berkat
Posted about 1 year ago
Why does everyone hate math?
I Think it more interesting when I must calculate money in economic major.... math is so unreal subject for my brain maybe know u love calculus, but when u study about integral and angle....so make confuse... what is sin, cos and Tgn... huff
sumber berkat
Posted about 1 year ago
Do right and wrong exist?
i have one movies that can answer you problem : The Ledge in this movie, u can know who more better.. Be Atheis or be Fanatic... if u didnt know what wrong or what true, just ask ur self : Did everyone near u have disturb with all you have done? If the answer yes, so you have done wrong in ur life..Simple