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rach k
Posted over 1 year ago
How will travel change local places in the future?
'Local' for a place or culture would mean its specific characteristics and identity same as a human sense of identity. Taking the analogy further, though brought up in a small distant town in India, I have travelled and lived around the world for more than a decade now. Has the introduction to other cultures changed me? (or any of the many expats we meet?) Do people start living on McDs when they migrate to the states? Probably not. On the contraty, a comparision and conscious rumination of identity actually reinforces some of the rooted belief while giving the strength to give-up superficial customs. That too would be the future of Local - in the heat of global competition, sushis and risottos, espaniol and tamil, pandas and elephants of the world might seem vulnerable, but in time will surely, consciously and confidently reinvent themselves to re-establish the local. Even Starbucks is endeavouring to reflect local architecture and customs in its interiors. A recent McDs announced near a piligrim site in India will be all veg. Creatives all across the globe are taking inspiration from local ways for innovative solutions. There are many challenges in the face of it. But the Potential of Local is that it can define Global and not vice versa.