Alyson Costa

Pawtucket, RI, United States

About Alyson


As a 17 year old avid tech junkie, a 5,000 character limit is almost intimidating compared to the meager 140 character limit authorized on Twitter. With 4,842 characters left, I'm starting to think one of three things: either I don't know anything about myself worthy to place in an Internet biography, I'm so secretive about my inner characteristics that I'm too hesitant to post the most basic information about me, or I'm just beating around the bush, avoiding the question at hand, "who am I?" Well, bask in the glory of the Ted talks that I favor, and that should give you a better understanding than this here miniature biography.

An idea worth spreading

If I knew of an idea worth spreading, you'd be watching my TED talks already. Stay tuned, folks. I have big dreams.

I'm passionate about

spoken word poetry, environmental preservation, psychology, literature, music, environmental sciences, and medicine.

Talk to me about

refer to my list of passions, or disregard anything and everything you believe to know about me, and engage in any conversation you deem intellectually stimulating and appropriate.

People don't know I'm good at

Piano. Mainly because I'm afraid to lay a finger on the keyboards if anyone is in the same house as I am, but, contrary to popular belief, I'm a very talented pianist.

My TED story

It started off as a good way to find different spoken word poets, then it began a way to follow my favorite vloggers who were invited to TED, then it became me watching what my favorite writers, speakers, and vloggers watched, and then it became me sharing link after link to teachers, family, and friends, trying to make a fraction of a difference in their lives that TED has done for mine.

Favorite talks