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Karyl Eggert
Posted almost 2 years ago
Is the water crisis a serious issue?
Sure! But will the useless Congress we have right now, invest in the future? I doubt it. To most of these people there is no water crisis or global warming. This planet's water is 98% salt water, with only 2% fresh drinking water and 1% of that fresh water is frozen in glaciers, which are melting at a great rate into salt water from the "non existent climate change" problem. Because of population increases throughout the world, we are running out of fresh water. The U.S. could step up and start to seriously try to solve the water problem but Congress is not willing to even support the schools/colleges needed to develop the scientists of tomorrow to lead the way. We have the science here to do the research but no funding to support the research needed to come up with some solutions. Sorry state of affairs!