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David Gwillam
Posted over 1 year ago
How will travel change local places in the future?
I asked my 2 classes of 14yo geographers...define local, define global. Then what is the future? The hardest part was by far the definition of LOCAL, as the concept of proximity didn't seem to work! The feeling was that global products and services will grow, but fragment for regions. Groups discussed whether LEDCs are deeply LOCAL but aspire to GLOBAL, while wealthier allows the choice to be either, and pay for the extra costs of more bespoke LOCAL. Consensus was that LOCAL is the personal interactions that occur, and that even skype does not currently break this. Although students growing up in a connected world of gaming etc, they still understood that a discussion with an expert human is a thing to value. Balance was that little depressed that global so strong, but a mature discussion! :-)