Robert Leslie Fielding

English Language Lecturer
Oldham, Manchester, United Kingdom

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I am an English Language Lecturer, currently teaching at a university in the Middle East. I am 59 years old, and married to Nazan, who hails from Ankara, Turkey.My interests include philosophy, English (of course) and the workings of the human mind, particularly my own. I have a website you might like to visit - please sign my guestbook or get in touch with me at Thanks Robert Leslie Fielding

Areas of Expertise

Teaching English - and writing

An idea worth spreading

An idea worth spreading - make books narrower so that the eyes do not have to scan sideways, just down, thereby reducing tiredness in readers, and hence helpping people to find reading more enjoyable and less of a tiring thing to do before you close your eyes to go to sleep.

I'm passionate about

The environment and what we are doing to it. I am also passionate about learning and teaching English.

Talk to me about

Talk to me about the philosophy/ies behind how the Western world is run - whether the so called 'science ' of Economics is worthy of our living by its dictates.

People don't know I'm good at

People don't know I'm good at many things, but that doesn't mean I'm not. Having people know what I'm good at isn't too important for me. It's enough that I know what I'm good at and that my circle

My TED story

My wife and I recently visited Malaysia, where we saw several orang-utans gamboling in the rain forests there. Watching them, I couldn't help thinking that if the world was left as they found it, it would be a very different place to the one it is now. Further, since I have been reading Eckart Tolle, I believe that those lovely animals live absolutely in the here and now, rather than, as we do, dwelling in the past and hoping for the future.

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Robert Leslie Fielding
Posted 9 months ago
Is Higher or University Education killing or building dreams slowly? What should students expect when progressing iinto higher education?
When I went to university, I was lucky, nobody expected anything of me - I was 34 years old and did it because I wanted to, so no pressure, except the one I put myself under - which was a lot, I can tell you! The result was that I came out with a good degree and learned about what I had been doing since I lieft school and started work - how organisations had shaped me into what I then was. Most of my pals did the same degree, but tailored it to make them into good candidates for Marks and Sparks managers interviews. I didn't. I did it for me and me alone - selfish, sure I was, but since you asked, I told you. Don't go to university for anyone except you and then it will change you - forever! Thanks