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Marc King
Posted over 2 years ago
Is capitalism sustainable?
In my opinion, as a Socio-Economic system Capitalism in its purest form is not a complete or sustainable system. There must be a proper blend of Socialist concepts and practices into a predominantly Capitalist society in order to try to attain the most amount of happiness for the greatest number of people. You cannot really create much that was not already there in some form or another, thermodynamically speaking you cannot introduce create energy you can only change its form. There is no way to have a small number of people hold the lions share of the wealth while somehow eradicating poverty. I am by no means opposed to Capitalism, i love it but it is incomplete. Things such as Food, Housing, Education and Healthcare should be provided as a basis for life while layering the system with the Capitalist principles of harder work brings greater rewards. It would in effect be a blend of two systems to produce a complete one.