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I am a part-time Letter Carrier with 85 URL's and as many ideas. UniteAndEmpower.com is one of them... I love to collaborate with people who want to make the world a better place!



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student of Life and Technology

An idea worth spreading

Circumvasectomy for 2nd generation welfarers,let the grown man decide to become a father then get it reversed (paid for by the gov't -we will be saving $$$ not supporting unwanted kids).... Implementing S.H.I.P. on the mainland (employer covers those working 20+ hrs with health insurance, the state of Hawaii covers those 0-20 hours)...... Big 3 need to reconfigure and covert cars into "sleepers" ie. a place where the discharged military, prisoners, homeless, etc. can live/sleep/transporation to work... Drug Test All those on Gov't Asst. (that idea actually belongs to an anonymous viral email but I agree) ... I also have the opinion that microwave ovens cause premature death. Look at the warning on them, isn't that a clue?.... I think sperm banks cause hereditary diseases (siblings/relatives reproducing with each other unbeknownst., anonymously. Include Jet Setters and one-night stands). ...I also have many biz ideas that involve PODCASTING but I don't want to run a business...,

I'm passionate about

New Media, Social Networks and Technology - I'm learning through osmosis. "Live Internet TV" I am passionate about The LBC - Long Beach, SoCaLifornia

Talk to me about

www.Long-Beach-Arts.org LB's oldest Art organization and the "earth.air.fire" exhibit Friday Feb 6th during their 85th Anniversary and "Taste" on Ocean@Pacific afterwards.. SAVING CABLE ACCESS TV.

People don't know I'm good at

Driving, multi-tasking, thinking of slogans and great domain names.

My TED story

I am new to TED.com but familiar with TED Bluegrass! Check out www.LBweeklyOnline.com for The Inside Scoop and have a wonderful visit to Long Beach, The Prime Spot!

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KaRi LBweekly.com
Posted over 5 years ago
David Pogue: Simplicity sells
The song is hilarious! This is the first time I've seen Pogue. It's nice to put good looks, intelligence and charisma to a name! For the record, I use a PC. Most people use a PC and I want to reachthe masses. And people like my parents still don't understand how to type a website URL in the address bar...
KaRi LBweekly.com
Posted over 5 years ago
Aimee Mullins: Changing my legs - and my mindset
TED is the most exciting thing to come to Long Beach, ever! Aimee Mullins should star in TED TV - these clips should be shown on the big networks. We learn by watching, hearing, learning, doing, hearing other people's experiences and people like Aimee help change the world by sharing. Let's replace the T&A, guns and violence on television with TED TV!
KaRi LBweekly.com
Posted over 5 years ago
What's Next in Tech
Computers are an open door for the aging and disabled population to become and stay involved in society. The computers that work with eye movement intrigue me. ;)