Christopher Caldwell

Toronto, Canada

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Dedicated to education, learning and environmental sustainability, I have acquired a Masters Degree in Urban Planning and Sustainability and several accreditations in information systems, project management, teaching English in a Foreign Language and HVAC systems.

My interests include CBT, coaching and developing communications tools in various multi-media.

Also have an award for research in 'Human Impacts on the Environment' and studied psychology and human consciousness to learn 'what makes people tick'.

Published book: 'Beyond Corporate Responsibility: The New Organizational Consciousness'

An idea worth spreading

To raise consciousness in enough individuals on this planet so we know our future will be secure as a species.

I'm passionate about

Local Economic Development, Education and Learning, Psychology and Spirituality, Sustainable Communities

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Christopher Caldwell
Posted almost 2 years ago
How can we build cities that are sustainable, inclusive and truly just?
Cities should have their own economies apart from central banks, reducing corruption, increasing transparency and merchant trade between city states as it used to be. Cities would also be more democratic as they would have more autonomy and could choose issues of inclusion such as war or pipelines rather than be at the whim of external forces. Move to proportional voting system and elect councilors from communities that actually have the power to create policy on behalf of the public. Cities are unsustainable as they are - just a matter of time as their footprint extends well beyond their borders thus cultivating a relationship with greenbelts and urban agriculture.