Clifford Warner

Chairman & Founder, Mycotoo, Inc.
Glendale, CA, United States

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I have spent my entire life, a fun 49 years, smoothing the path for talented, gifted, people, so they can share their abilities with a team to achieve a common goal. I have done this with family, friends and business associates. I have done this for Theatre, Baseball, Football, Film, Visual Effects, Theme Parks, Experience Design, Master Planning, Fund Raising, Charities, Alumni Associations, Cooking, and Days of Lounge. I'm fortunate to have learned at an early age that I had a gift for People, Time, and Money. I love to be involved with creative people not only the ones who share a similar gift as me, but more so with the people who have a gift in areas that are so foreign to me. I look for the gift in each person I meet and begin my love and respect for them from that moment forward. I have been surrounded all my life by talented, fun, individuals who have allow me to grow from their influences into the person I am today. It allows me to lead in my field of Entertainment and Experience Design with confidence that with the right team of people we can achieve anything we put out to do. As one of the three founders of Thinkwell Group, Inc., I get to experience this every day. We have been allowed to create a snow play area at the base of an indoor ski slope in the middle of the Dubai desert, tour dinosaurs in Asia, teach children about their body with the help of our friend from Sesame Street. During the same day I can walk through our building and talk to designers about a Pussycat Dolls Gaming area for Caesars Palace, the master plan for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center, and a children's wing at a natural history museum. In the morning we are talking to the east coast, the afternoon Asia, and the middle of the night the middle east. We get paid to create fun places to visit. How can I not love my job? Who knew a kid whose first paid Stage Managing job was for a Body Builders Show in Venice California at age 13 would continue to study theater at California State University of Long Beach, get accept to the Yale School of Drama; learn on his graduation day for his MFA, that his grandfather was a stage manager for the Orpheum Theatre in Salt Lake City for Vaudeville, would end up starting a world class experience design and creative solutions company. I feel I have only just started my adventure until I look back at the path I have taken and know it has been quite a ride already. I look for to what is ahead and the people will collaborate with in the future.

TED Conferences

TED2012, TED2010

Areas of Expertise

People management , Project Management, Themed Entertainment, Theme Park Development, Entertainment, Experience Design, Collaboration , Stage Management, vision & strategy, cooking for a crowd

An idea worth spreading

No great idea or concept is crated by a single person! Great ideas and concepts come from a collaboration of people from mixed backgrounds and experiences, sharing their thoughts and experience in the effort to create something new and special.

I'm passionate about

Helping Passionate People Achieve. I love collaborating with creative people using my strategic planning and resourcing skills to make their dream realities.

Talk to me about

Achieving your dreams, Guest Experience, Collaborative Process, Poker, The future of entertainment, Building a team for a creative environment, Day of Lounge, Spain, UAE, China cooking.

People don't know I'm good at

hearing everyones story and learning their gifts, everyone has a gift and when used to collaborate with other great things are created and I'm a good matchmaker.

My TED story

Hearing Simon Sinek's talk on "Why" made me realize that I have alway approached what I did from the why then the how and what and my success comes from that, so now I have created a company to help other to do the same. This venture has been the most rewarding and I love what i'm doing.

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